Ep 12 – King Of The South Park-arama

For this episode the boys go guestless to discuss three of their favorite episodes. Nick hits below the belt with his episode of King of the Hill, Joe WOWs us with an episode of South Park that’s as nerdy as it is sick, and Jonathan picks the sad dog episode of Futurama because he’s a

Episode 11: My What A Big Mouth You Have with Bradley

The boys go through podcast puberty this week as they discuss the Netflix Original Big Mouth with guest "Bradley." Join them as they go balls deep on everything from first time periods to friendly dick sightings to a special game of ookie cookie in Bad Libs. All this and much, much more.

Ep 9: Wait…We Had Something For This with Jenn Meier

Jon, Joe and Nick dive into the Danger Zone for some Babytown Frolics with special guest Jenn Meier. We talk about Archers origins, his relationship with Lana, and how dog farts are a sure sign of cancer. If you don’t watch this, we will rub sand in your beady, dead little eyes, but you need

Ep 8: Shrek Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself with Kerry Collins.

It’s not every day that we get a celebrity guest here on AC…and today is no different. Listen in as the boys are joined by star of “Shrek” and “Kerry Story Time,” Kerry Collins to discuss his final ride of “It’s A Small World,” the myriad mispronunciations of Farquad, fairy tale animal cruelty, whether “Duloc”

Ep 7: “Ninten-Don’t Go There” with Big Ol’ Mike

Excuuuuse me, Princess, this week the boys get hooked on the brothers as they cover Nintendo cartoons with Big Ol' Mike. Join the party as they quest across exotic locales-from the Magical Kingdom of Hyrule to the Incredible World of DIC-in search of rupees, gold coins, and Princess smooches. But before these nervous noodles can

Ep 6.5: Commentary Commentary

Kick back with a nice, tall glass of semen cider and join the boys as they discuss the difference between munging and mummies, wet nightmares, what to do when your spouse turns to salt and (occasionally) the actual episode in our first ever Animated Commentary Commentary.

Ep 6: Pun On A Bun with Jeff Fretts (and YOU!)

Today we're joined by Chef Jeff to riff on Bob's Burgers and cook up some of our own. Join us as we discuss what is and isn't an udder, how to get a cow downstairs, naked old people, the intricacies of double flagging, how to make munging sexy again, and much more.

Ep 5: “In A Giggity Far, Far Away” with Elton Vath

This week the boys are delving into the Family Guy Star Wars parody "Blue Harvest" with Elton Vath (tie-dye mogul, and friend). In an episode full of lighter clicks and "nerd alerts" we discuss our real-life Shrek sightings, Jonathan's xylophone-playing dad, Elton's final wishes, euthanasia coasters, and whether or not Danny Elfman was in Oingo