Episode 10

Nick, Joe, and Jonathan feel their bodies fractalize as they break apart atom by atom before being digitized and being re-uploaded to the dark web.
They wake up to find they’ve been transformed into Salad Fingers’ finger puppets.

Salad Fingers:
Hey boyos…

Oh thzts weird)

Sorry we’re making this so difficult on you We’re looking forward to pleasing you.

Not in my America!

SF: Oh, bubbletrumps! I didn’t summon you to argue!

Nick: Then why DID you summon us?

Isn’t it obvious?

Jonathan nods meaningfully at Nick.

What? Why?

SF: I summoned you to shut your shit and get your fucking fuuuuuck on.

Jonathan: We down as fuuuuuuuck!
SF: What are my two favorite things?

When the red water comes out?

SF: Yes..but there’s mooooooooore!

paul Rust?

Paul Rust: You’re damn, fucking right! SF is all about that rust action!

Paul Rust turns to camera.

Paul Rust: Hey, I’m Paul Rust. I’m sure you “Love” seeing me on the third season of my show LOVE, available now on Metflix. (sound effect.)

Nick: Now that’s advertising!

Joe: Totes! I don’t even need to watch the full thing…I’m coming right this minute. (sound effect.)

Show Cancelled.