Episode 11

A teenage joe, nick, and kerry are playing another round of their favorite game: ookie cookie. they had played so many rounds that day that they’d ran out of actual food to splooge onto and were now standing, jerking it around the sock that kerry had once stuffed down nick’s mouth.

nick: I’m gonna win this one boys!

kerry: nu-uh, it’s gonna be m-

he cums

kerry: oh nutter butters

nick: Joe, it’s like you’re not even trying to win.

joe: i don’t know what you’re talking about, why would i want to swallow a copious amount of my best buds [ropes]

kerry: i wanna win at least once, I’m ever so hungry. Ive got a serious case of grumble tummy

nick: i could go forever

he cums

joe: yay! i win again! er…i mean lose…yeah…

he gobbles down the cum-drenched sock

joe: nomnomnomnomnomnomnom

nick: are you hungry kerry? ive got something you can eat.

nick spreads his (fart box) and kerry begins giving him an oral push pop

nick: yeah that’s the spot my little queef butter parfait

joe’s (tallywacker) is now harder than it has ever been…ever.

joe: my dick is harder than it has ever been…ever.

joe’s giant sausage nestled in a robin’s nest of pubes looks like a jouster with a lance. he accelarates full speed into kerry’s gaping anus

they all climax together and flop down into a puddle of them

kerry: im still hungry