Episode 12

Hank – Nick
Dale – Nick
Bill – John
Boomhaur – John
Peggy – Joe
Bobby – Joe

The day started out as they all do, Hank and the guys hanging out in the alley drinking (pussy juice), Bobby, playing the latest game on his (sex box 369) and Peggy doing housework.

Dale: So, have you guys heard about the disappearance near the (childrens hospital)?

Bill: Oh it gives me the (flibbity jubbities)!

Boomhauer: Dango I heard some dangon people talkin bout it. Whatchu think ol’ Hank?

Hank looks (wrinkly), his mind flashes back to the night before last when he finally decided to give in to the darkness.

Hank: Lets just talk about something else.

Hank knew he had to get their mind off of this, but it would take time. His plan to get the guys to stop talking about it had already started in his head.

Cut to later that night, Peggy and Hank are on the couch. A (viagra) commercial came on and she could see Hanks jeans start to move. She knew that (viagra) get’s Hank aroused and she decided to reach for his (meat hammer).

Hank: I haven’t been this (moist) since the first day I started working at Strickland Propane.

Peggy: Hopefully you still have some gas in you.

Peggy winked and went in for a kiss when they heard Bobby (queefing) into the living room.

Bobby: Dad, have you seen ladybird?

Hank knew what he did to her. He (plundered) her throat and left her to bleed out after she followed him to the kill site.

Hank: I…I haven’t seen her. Sorry son, now go back to bed.

Peggy (queefed) and Bobby to bed. She knew he was asking too many questions and that her husbands secret needed to stay quiet. They (whoopied) passionately.

Hank: I’m…about…to… BWAHHHHH.

Peggy: Now Hank, clean up, you’ve got a big day ahead of you.

The next morning, Hank and Peggy wake up bound and gagged, handcuffed to their bed posts. Bobby walks around the bed with a (knife tipped dildo).

Bobby: I know what you guys do. I’m aware of the girls you’ve been taking from town and how you’ve been dissolving their bodies in propane or propane accessories.I know what you did to Ladybird.

Bobby pulls out a (knife tipped dildo)

Bobby whispers: This is my purse, I do not know you. This is for ladybird.

Bobby slits their throats and then flies away because sometimes people don’t know how to end these things.