Ep 10: Internet Clip Show #1: Who’s On Firth? with Ildiko Laszlo

Ep 10: Internet Clip Show #1: Who’s On Firth? with Ildiko Laszlo

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On this episode of AC the boys take a deep dive into the weirder side of the internet with guest Ildiko Laszlo. We watch shorts suggested by you in our first all Tweet My Shorts episode and spill on ghost butts, the Hollywood of Canada, shitvaginas, and the proper way to put your little willy in your bum.

Episodes Discussed:

Milkman by David Firth, Ghost House by Film Cow, Cream By David Firth, Catghost 1st Birthday, The Sad Man by Jake Lava, Rabbit by Future Shorts, The Pier by Jason Bennet, Sabastian’s Voodoo by Joaquin Baldwin, Valentine’s Day Special by David Firth, My Anus Is Bleeding by Don Hertzfeldt, Llamas with Hats by FilmCow, Bob the Ball by Sin, Catface by TheWeebl, How Many Times by Sick Animation Records, Badger Mushroom Snake, Jokamel Sketch from TV Funhouse, TwinkleTits by David Firth, End Of Ze World by Jason Windsor, Video Dating Tape by David Firth, and lastly Willy Bum Bum by Alien Red Wolf.

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