Ep 2: Mmmmm…. Crossovers

Ep 2: Mmmmm…. Crossovers

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Nick, Joe, and Jonathan are back to satisfy your ear holes with an episode all about the wonderful world of Simpsons crossover episodes.The Simpsons meet the Griffins from “Family Guy”, Jay Sherman from “The Critic”, AND the cast of Futurama. Yep. It happened and we’re gonna bullshit about it for ninety minutes. You’re welcome.

9 out of 10 film crickets agree…”Animated Commentary” is, in fact, a podcast.

Episodes Discussed:

The Simpsons Season 6, Episode 18 – “A Star Is Burns.” (Crossover: The Simpsons / The Critic).

The Simpsons, Season 13, Episode 1 – “The Simpsons Guy.” (Crossover: The Simpsons / Family Guy).

The Simpsons, Season 26, Episode 6: “Simpsonsorama” (Crossover: The Simpsons / Futurama).

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