Ep 3: Gotta Watch ‘Em All with Amelia Talon

Ep 3: Gotta Watch ‘Em All with Amelia Talon

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The boys are joined by Amelia Talon (Gamer Next Door, Playboy’s Miss June 2012) to discuss Pokemon.  Join us as we discuss whether or not Jinx is racist, a potential Human/Dragonair love child, and much, much more.
Episodes Discussed:

#1: “Holiday Hi-Jynx” Pokemon Season 1, Episode 65.

#2: “The Legend of Dratini” Pokemon Season 1, Episode 35.

#3: “Beauty and the Beach” Pokemon Season 1, Episode 18.

Tweet My Shorts: Playboy Gamer Next Door: Amelia’s Top 10 Favorite Pokemon (SFW… Probably.)
Link: https://youtu.be/xW8FZO2oJ5w 

Read the Bad Libs script for this episode

Listen to the Hidden Track “Love Is In The Dragonair” (gunshot sound effects 1 and 2 from soundbible.com

Also check out Amelia’s Cosplay Pictures from our segment “Cosplay With Us“.

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