Ep 6: Pun On A Bun with Jeff Fretts (and YOU!)

Ep 6: Pun On A Bun with Jeff Fretts (and YOU!)

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Today we’re joined by Chef Jeff to riff on Bob’s Burgers and cook up some of our own. Join us as we discuss what is and isn’t an udder, how to get a cow downstairs, naked old people, the intricacies of double flagging, how to make munging sexy again, and much more.

Ep#1: “Speakeasy Rider
Ep#2: “Sacred Cow
Ep#3: “Nude Beach
Short: “Bob’s Burgers/Archer Crossover Scene”

Bob’s Burgers XXX Parody (Bob’s Boners:) https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph57408eb37371e

Listen to our hidden track: Trapped in the Walk-In (R Kelly Parody)
If you want to make the burgers we had along with many others from the show go here: http://thebobsburgerexperiment.com
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